hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Magic Online: The Addiction

What a nice option it is to be able to play Magic 24/7. The beta testing was fun, and I made myself ill last June playing 60 booster drafts in one week while working around 50 hours.

Anyways, I took the long term approach to the game once it cost money and threw $1000 at it. I got a debit card, put $1000 on it, spent it, and returned the card. The woman at the bank was shocked. I guess most people would have kept on using it. I know better.

Considering that the virtual packs cost retail price, I have done amazingly well. I have been in 273 "events" since it went gold. Sealed deck tournaments cost more, but when a booster draft costs $11.87, I have done at the minimum $3240.51 so far. I also have over 14,000 cards and 88 booster packs. Whee. If I sold all of this on eBay I would make around $5000. I am in no hurry though. It's just too nice to be able to play ALL the time. *grin*
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