hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Things To Remember - by Peter Murphy

Thing to Remember when writing figures of speech and sound
The Power of poetry comes from the ability to defy logic
Defy Logic Often
Use a metaphor and tell us that your lover is the sky.

Tell us that your lover is the sky.

When you do that
We won't believe you,
We won't believe you
Because saying so makes no sense
But we'll see a meaning.

We'll see a meaning
The other thing is the ability to be remembered.

Love Anything.

Love Anything

I cut myself down
Cut myself down
Now Breaking Free
Breaking Free
It's no longer me

Understand where you came from

I'm facing me down
Prostrate to the ground


Prostrate to the ground
Rain down on my life
down on my life

Maybe there is nothing to say

The future is gone
The strain of the past

Sometimes nothing often means;
The beauty of the human experience

Rain down on my life
Down on my life
Now breaking free
Breaking free
It's no longer me

Love Anything

Use a metaphor and tell us that your lover is the sky
Love Anything.

Love Anything

Love Anything

Use a metaphor and tell us that your lover is the sky


Sometimes nothing often means
the beauty of the human experience,

These things are to be remembered

To be remembered


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