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Magic Online

Well, it went gold yesterday. Everyone that played over 25 games in the beta testing got one booster draft for free when it started. Each booster draft requires three packs of cards (@ 3.29 each) and two event tickets (1.00 each). Well, I won my first draft and got eight new packs for free. I traded three packs for nine event tickets, and then won my second booster draft! So, I now have seven tickets and ten packs, and it has cost me nothing so far! And I have the cards I drafted to trade away, too! Whee. Charlie was doing rather well with his drafts, until he hit a bad patch and soon he might have to pay. Sean has done three drafts so far, and has won nothing! I know my turn will come soon, but I am enjoying being the champ for now.

Also, this is good training for the tournament the three of us are going to next weekend at Neutral Ground. I am pushing for our team name to be Something Positive (.net), but Charlie wants Three Imaginary Boys. We shall see...
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