hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

recent reading and watching

Books I have read recently:

Twins, by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland. It was made into the movie "Dead Ringers," starring Jeremy Irons. Very disturbing, and very arousing at times. Identical twins, and one desperately wants to have some independence. It's all about need. I saw the movie a long time ago. Now that I have been the harmer (and harmed) in a couple of relationships, I think I would appreciate it a lot more. Noone is innocent. Noone.

sex, lies, and videotape, by Steven Soderbergh. This was very interesting. It's not a book, but the events leading up to the movie, then the screenplay, then the filming, and then what happed at Cannes. I quite enjoyed it. I saw the movie a long time ago, and didn't have the personal experiences yet to make it resonate.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, by Jane Jensen. This is an adaptation of the computer game, also done by Jane Jensen. I wish I had played it back when it came out. The plot was interesting, and I always enjoy voodoo and necromantic tales.

Movies I have watched:

sex, lies, and videotape - Much better this time around. I actually teared up when Anne turned the tables on Graham. I can see why this won at Cannes.

The Prophecy - an interesting take on warring Angels. Not a great plot, but Christopher Walken was great as Gabriel. I loved it when he called humans talking monkeys.

The Prophecy II - More of the same. Since Lucifer ripped out Gabriel's heart and chewed on it in the last movie, I was wondering how he was going to be in this one. Well, Lucifer kicks him out of Hell! Hehehehe...

What Women Want - Surprisingly good. Some of it was predictable, but I love Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. I laughed out loud a few times.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Wow! Those animated characters looked real! I also recognized a few of the voices. I was expecting fantasy with giant swords, but it was sci-fi with lots of tentacles (but no bizarre Japanese tentacle sex, thankfully). The plot was OK.

Beautiful Creatures - Ugh. Usually I am REALLY happy that I am a guy. This is one of those times that I feel ashamed instead. I am glad that the two abusive "boyfriends" got killed, but there is still no excuse for that kind of behavior towards women. Yes, I know that humanity sucks as a whole. Still, you don't have to rub my face in it every day, people. And Rachel Weisz was very nice. Very fragile, unlike her Mummy roles.

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