hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

I ordered a computer through a friend today, while I was at work

I was bored, and my computer isn't fast enough for some of the games I already have. And my monitor is acting funny. So I splurged.

"This is the copy of the PC hardware. I will see you tomorrow with the
goods. I'll have a proper receipt then.

Full Tower ATX Form Case
Athlon 1800+ Processor
ASUS Athlon Compatible Motherboard
Western Digital 80 GB 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive
128 MB GeForce 4 Ti4400 Video Adapter
SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer Sound Card
Plextor 24 X 10 X 32 CDRW Drive
1.44 MB Floppy
Standard Keyboard
Windows '98 Second Edition
No mouse, modem, speakers or network card needed.
19" .26 DP NI 1600 X 1200 Flat SVGA

System: $1399.00
6% PA Sales Tax 83.94
Total: $1482.94"

Whee. I have to wait less than 36 hours for Bob to come over with it.
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