hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Steve's Survey

Here is a short list of five questions. Feel free to answer if you wish.

I) How strongly do you feel about religion/faith/spirituality ?
1) I feel nothing at all.
2) I am angry.
3) I believe, but do not strongly practise.
4) I believe, and practise.
5) I am the leader of the church/cult/coven.

II) How strongly do you feel about politics?
1) I detest the very thought.
2) I rarely vote, and don't really care.
3) I vote in presidential elections, but that's about it.
4) I vote in all elections, and know what platforms my elected officials support.
5) I am a rabid political animal, and I should be put down.

III) How many sexual partners have you had? Don't answer if this makes you too uncomfortable. I am just hitting all of the buttons here (religion, politics, and sex) - usually they seem to be connected.
1) I am still a virgin.
2) One or two.
3) Three to five.
4) Six to ten.
5) More than ten.

IV) What lyrics, poem, or prose are going through your head today?

V) How much time do you spend online per week?
1) Less than five hours.
2) Less than ten.
3) Less than twenty.
4) Less than forty.
5) I am always online.
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